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Measuring Weld Throat Thickness with OLYMPUS Stream Image Analysis Software

Metal Welding
Metal welding


After metal sheets are welded together, the strength of the welds must be checked to help ensure the integrity of final products. Welds need to have sufficient throat thickness—the distance from the center of the weld face to its root—to meet strength requirements. Whether you are inspecting welds of large steel sheets, such as those used in the manufacturing of shipping vessels, or inspecting small parts that require magnification using a microscope, the general rule is that a weld’s throat should be the same thickness as the parent material.

The Olympus Solution

OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software enables even first-time users to measure weld throat thickness with the same ease as common manual measurement, but with the added advantage of embedding measurement results directly onto the image for enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities. OLYMPUS Stream software enables you to easily perform minor adjustments of measured points. Saving and reading of condition files is also supported.


Throat thickness measurement

Olympus IMS
Products used for this application

The GX53 inverted microscope features exceptional image clarity and excellent resolution at high magnifications. With accessories including a coded revolving nosepiece and software, the microscope's modular design makes it easy to customize for your requirements.
OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software offers fast, efficient inspection workflows for all process steps for image acquisition, quantitative measurements and image analysis, reporting, and advanced materials science inspections tasks.
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