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Dimensional measurement of perforations on a paper box

Micron-sized shape measurement using a laser microscope

A paper box zipper

A paper box “zipper”

1.  Application

Food is often packaged in paper boxes. Many of these boxes have perforations known as a "zipper" at the opening area. Once the zipper is pulled, the box can be easily opened along the perforation, allowing access to the contents. Managing the depth and angle of the perforations is important to help ensure that the zipper tears neatly. 

2.  The Olympus solution

Olympus' OLS4100 3D laser scanning microscope combines multiple images from the confocal optical system, enabling observation of high-precision 3D shapes, even for very deep perforations. Thanks to dedicated objective lenses with high numerical apertures and a dedicated optical system that obtains maximum performance from the 405 nm semiconductor laser, the OLS4100 microscope can clearly capture the profile of a sharp slope. Because the OLS4100 is also an optical microscope, users can simultaneously acquire both 3D and color images; the color information from the paper box can be overlaid on the perforation to enhance the visual effect. The measurement results obtained by the OLS4100 microscope can also be used to adjust the dimensions of the cutting blade used to make the performations, which helps produce products that are easy to open and consumer-friendly.


(1)  Sample 1

Packaging material with a cut_F

(2)  Sample 2

Packaging material with a cut_L

(3)  Sample 3

Packaging material with a cut_N


Olympus IMS

Products used for this application


With the Olympus LEXT OLS5000 laser scanning confocal microscope, noncontact, nondestructive 3D observations and measurements are easy to produce. Simply by pushing the Start button, users can measure fine shapes at the submicron level. Ease of use is combined with leading-edge features to deliver an acquisition speed four times faster than our previous model. For customers with larger samples, LEXT long working distance objectives and an extended frame option allow the system to accommodate samples as large as 210 mm.
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