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Custom and Maritime security


International borders have become more open, enabling more people to cross in and out of different countries. The sheer volume of material moving across the border has created a challenge for inspectors who are responsible for keeping contraband out of the country. To help with the screening process, customs departments have tried different methods, and one of the most effective has proven to be remote video inspection.


The embarkation and disembarkation procedures for people and goods are being simplified in many countries. However, the threat of terrorism and contraband goods remain a concern. Individuals who attempt to bring in illicit materials through customs use sophisticated methods to remain undetected. In response, customs departments are using new technologies, like drug-sniffing dogs, X-ray machines, and industrial videoscopes.


Industrial videoscopes are used to help operators visually inspect difficult-to-access areas. These tools enable inspectors to investigate gaps between shipping containers to look for smuggled goods or to view into other confined spaces.

Olympus’ videoscopes can be used to check large areas deep within inaccessible spaces thanks to precise scope articulation. For example, the videoscope can be used to locate an object even if it is hidden in a gasoline tank, inside a car chassis, or in a suitcase. Countries with a coast guard can use RVI to search ships before they enter port. In these instances, the coast guard loads the videoscope equipment on a boat or helicopter before heading to a ship. Olympus’ industrial videoscopes are small and lightweight. They include models that comply with the military standards used by the United States Department of Defense.



Olympus’ industrial videoscopes are capable of obtaining bright, clear images. Customs inspectors are using remote video equipment because of the videoscope’s ability to enable inspectors to see into hard-to-reach areas. This technology is enabling inspectors to locate contraband material to help ensure the public’s safety.

Olympus IMS

Products used for this application


The IPLEX RX/ IPLEX RT are lightweight industrial videoscopes that feature the unique PulsarPic image processor to produce exceptionally high-resolution and bright images. They have 6.5-inch screen with an anti-reflective daylight-view monitor.

Series C

Olympus’ entry-level videoscope provides exceptional articulation, durability and great optics to get you the image you need. The instrument is built for use anywhere you need it and packed with features usually reserved for more expensive units.
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