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The Nortec® 1700 is designed for the customer that requires conductivity testing only.

Specifications:lawMaster™ is a Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me/NT/2000/XP program, which provides a user-friendly interface for communications between the flaw detector and an IBM compatible PC. A-Scans, instrument settings, thickness readings, and report contents are all available for review, archiving, uploading and downloading.

  • 60 or 480 KHz operation
  • 0.9 - 110% IACS
  • 0.0 - 0.025 inch non-conductive thickness readings
  • Large selection of probe configurations with reject LEDs
  • Fast, simplified sorting of metal alloys
  • Verification of aluminum heat treatment
  • Interchangeable probes require no factory calibration of instrument to probes

The Nortec® 1700 replaces the original Nortec® 17, once the standard in conductivity testing. Once setup is complete, alloys and heat-treated conditions or paint thickness can be checked automatically using the instrument's Go/No-Go alarm.

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