Weighing less than 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) with customer-interchangeable displays, the Sonic 1000S+ offers users excellent ultrasonic testing resolution. The availability of a color LCD or monochrome LCD for indoor or bright outdoor conditions or a Hi-Brite electroluminescent (EL) display for normal to dark conditions provides the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Its rugged, well designed housing, uncomplicated front panel, SmartKnobTM and built in PowerLinkTM technology, make it a truly revolutionary user-friendly hand held portable ultrasonic flaw detector. This unit operates on a single lithium ion battery or optional D-Cell battery pack.
An RS-232 port provides bi-directional communication and print capability. FlawMaster™ Windows-based software provides a user-friendly interface for communication between the Sonic 1000S+ and PCs. A-scans, instrument settings, thickness readings, and report contents are all available for review, archive, uploading, and downloading via a PC.
The High Resolution (HR) option was designed for applications requiring high resolution, such as thickness gauging of thin materials. Enhancements such as 15 MHz narrow band receiver setting and a square wave pulser with width control to 15 ns and enhanced signal processing provide the HR option with the ability to measure down to 0.005 inches (0.127 mm) of steel.


• Lightweight, less than 4 lbs. (1.8 Kg)
• Single Li-Ion battery
• 10+ hour battery run time
• Variable repetition rate control
• 150/300 volt square wave pulser
• Dual flaw gates
• Peak Hold for angle beam inspection
• Angle Beam Trig Function for flaw location
• Angle beam curve correction
• Customer interchangeable displays:
- Hi-Brite Electroluminescent
- Monochrome Liquid Crystal
- Color Liquid Crystal
• Thickness gauging: IP-1st or Echo to Echo
• Narrow band receiver tuning
• PowerLinkTM Technology - automatic transducer recognition and instrumentset-up
• VGA output
• Analog out option
• Windows-based FlawMasterTM Software

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