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Benchtop XRD-XRF - Feed, Fertilizer, Soil & Plant Ingredients Testing

The BTX Quickly and Easily Checks Feed & Fertilizer Formulations

Feed and fertilizer formulations are verified to ensure that labeled ingredients match actual content. Formulations must also adhere to registration and commercial regulations. Amending (active) ingredients, as well as inert ingredients and forms (compounds), must be accounted for by name and content. Financial penalties may incur if manufacturer and regulatory tests are not within investigational allowance. Typical lab testing includes ICP, AAS, and wet chemical analysis, all of which are time and labor intensive, especially when samples are not standard. A non-destructive combined analytical X-ray Diffraction/X-ray Fluorescence (XRD/XRF) method to quickly identify metal and compound content allows for a more complete characterization as well as time and labor saving sample screening.

BTX testing a sample

All-in-One XRD-XRF Analyzer Solution

Feed and fertilizer, at any stage, can be quickly screened for metals and compounds with the BTX. The XRF component can quickly scan for metal content while the XRD simultaneously identifies the compounds, such as gypsum and lime. The BTX can perform rapid, thorough non-destructive fingerprinting of agricultural products with its unique sample handling system, leaving formulations intact for further lab analysis.

XRD Data: Rapid Compound ID

XRD Data: Rapid Compound ID

XRF Data: Rapid Elemental

XRF Data: Rapid Elemental

Operation of the BTX is as
EASY as 1, 2, 3
BTX sample chamber
  1. Place sample into holder
  2. Insert holder into BTX
  3. Press "Start" for rapid compound & elemental ID

Fingerprints of a Compound Taken by Two Different XRD Systems

Fingerprints of a Compound Taken by Two Different XRD Systems
The fingerprint in blue was taken with a large laboratory XRD system. The fingerprint in red was taken by the small, benchtop TERRA/BTX in less than half the time and at less than half the cost.

BTX Specifications: XRD range: 5-55° 2?; XRF range: 3-25keV; Target material: Cu (Co opt.); Tube power: 30kV/20W; Dimensions: 11.75 x 6.9 x 18.5 in (30 x 17 x 47cm); Weight: 12.5kg; 40Gb HD; Wireless Connection

BTX  with computer
Standard sample chambers
Standard sample chamber (left); optional non-vibrating sample chamber (right)


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Olympus IMS
Verwendete Produkte

Der TERRA II XRD-Analysator liefert quantitative mineralogische Analysen vor Ort. Mit einer Akkulaufzeit von bis zu sechs Stunden und in einem robusten, wasserdichten Gehäuse ist der Analysator für schnelle Analysen im Feld ausgelegt.
Der BTX III XRD-Analysator liefert zuverlässige quantitative mineralogische Phasenanalysen zu Haupt- und Begleitelementen in Form eines kompakten Tischgeräts. Leistungsstarke Software wird mit einem verbesserten Röntgenstrahldetektor für beschleunigte Analysegeschwindigkeit und erhöhte Empfindlichkeit kombiniert.
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