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30 září, 2014

Olympus Introduces the BondMaster 600 Multimode Bond Tester

Olympus, a world leader in nondestructive testing technologies, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new BondMaster® 600 Bond Tester that is designed to nondestructively inspect bonds in honeycomb or laminate composites, and metal-to-metal parts. This portable multimode adhesive bond testing instrument uses pitch-catch modes, mechanical impedance analysis (MIA), and resonance technologies to inspect materials that are commonly used in aerospace, energy, and automotive industries.

The BondMaster 600 incorporates the latest advancements in high-performance bond testing technologies into one compact, durable unit with a vivid 5.7 inch full-screen VGA display capable of producing user-selectable, highly contrast signals in all lighting conditions.

The BondMaster 600 weighs only 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs.) and is delivered with a factory-installed hand strap that provides direct thumb access to the key controls, offering instant adjustment of commonly-used parameters. Based on an already field-proven instrument enclosure, the instrument is designed for IP66 to withstand the rigors of harsh field conditions. Its ruggedness and long battery life, allowing up to 9 hours of standard operation, makes the BondMaster 600 an instrument that can be trusted for any bond testing inspection job.

The BondMaster 600 is offered in two models to accommodate the varying needs of composite bond testing. Its basic model includes all pitch-catch modes while the BondMaster 600M multimode model features all three bond testing inspection modes including resonance and mechanical impedance analysis. Honeycomb inspection using pitch-catch is made easier by real-time readings on the display allowing easier flaw interpretation. In addition, in pitch-catch swept mode a new frequency tracking feature is useful when writing procedures or developing new applications. The resonance method with its factory application pre-sets is ideal for laminate composite and metal-to-metal disbonds. The mechanical impedance analysis (MIA) mode with its increased frequency range to 50 kHz allows identification of repaired areas and easy detection of small defects.

Reliable bonds are essential to the integrity of aircraft composite structures throughout their service life. The BondMaster 600 is a multimode instrument uniquely developed to provide complete solutions for composites bond testing applications for both manufacturing QA/QC and in the field for maintenance inspections. Its simplified workflow from data acquisition and on-board storage to full reporting and archiving, as well as its intuitive interface makes the BondMaster 600 the instrument of choice in this important market.

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30 září 2014
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