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High NA — Low-Aberration Field Lenses

With lenses that have higher NA and lower aberration than current digital microscopes, plus improved evenness of light intensity, the DSX510 series of digital microscopes offer high resolution equal to the very best light microscopes.

               IC chip (Objective lens NA 0.4)                                    IC chip (Objective lens NA 0.8)

               Bainite (Objective lens NA 0.4)                                    Bainite (Objective lens NA 0.8)

Zoom Optics Cover a Wide Range of Magnification

Optical Zoom: Get Closer to the Sample

The DSX510 offers optical zoom of up to 13X and digital zoom of up to 30X. A single optical lens can cover the typical magnification range of conventional light microscopes.

  Zoom in on the sample

A Variety of Observation Methods, Freely Usable

Quickly and Easily Acquire the Images Required for Observation

The DSX510 offers a variety of observation modes that deliver the highresolution images users expect from high-end optics.


Choose the Observation Method with One Easy Click

A click of a button delivers the required image on screen

With virtually every industrial observation method just a click away, the DSX510 makes it easy to choose the right one for the task at hand. No complicated adjustments needed — simply choose between modes (brightfield, darkfield, MIX [BF + DF], Differential Interference Contrast, polarized light) and start creating high-end images that meet precise demands.

Advanced image processing

HDR: High-Definition Visuals Beyond the Human Eye

Sample appearance can vary depending on quality of material, surface conditions, or illumination methods. One of a variety of observation methods made possible by the advanced digital technology of DSX510, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, combines several images taken at different exposures to accurately correct brightness differences on the sample surface, delivering a more consistently accurate sample rendition.

            Anisotropic conductive film (ACF) on the LCD pattern

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Anyone Can Make Observations in Optimum Conditions

Best Image Function Ensures Optimal Performance from Any Operator


The DSX510 will set all the necessary parameters to achieve that image. The Best image function ensures optimal images, whether looking for defects, uneven surfaces, or foreign objects. With Best image, anyone can operate the system — beginner to expert — and it can be customized for each operator.

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