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Here's the Dirt on Using XRD Technology to Identify the Origin of Soils

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Jose Brum, one of our XRD Applications Scientists, took part in publishing a paper and presentation in cooperation with Virginia Commonwealth University.

The researchers conducted a geochemical analysis to understand the differences in the characteristics between the soils in Meherrin, Virginia and the nearby soils of the Virginia Piedmont Region.

X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis of separated magnetic particles was conducted using an Olympus TERRA® XRD instrument with a cobalt anode X-ray tube. The results are indicative of a possible extraterrestrial or volcanic source of iron-enriched mineral phases.

Check out the presentation:

Posted with permission from Virginia Commonwealth University.

You can also read the conference abstract.

The battery-powered TERRA XRD analyzer in the field.
The battery-powered TERRA XRD analyzer in the field.

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únor 9, 2018
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