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Olympus products can be used by manufacturers for quick, nondestructive wall thickness measurements of everything from plastic beverage bottles to fiberglass ship hulls. In many cases, laminar cracking can also be identified in composite and fiberglass structures such as aerospace parts and wind turbine blades.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic thickness gages can quickly and nondestructively measure the wall thickness of almost any molded or extruded plastic product, such as bottles, containers, small diameter tubing, pipes, tanks, and complex molded parts. Measurements are always made from one side with no cutting required. Barrier layers in multilayer parts like fuel tanks can also be measured without sectioning, as can wire insulation and cable jackets. Internal bubbles and voids in plastic products can be located with ultrasonic flaw detectors. In the case of fiberglass and composites, ultrasonic gages can be used to monitor thickness and flaw detectors can be used to identify delaminations and similar conditions. Gelcoat thickness over fiberglass can also be measured quickly and easily.

High Speed Video

Any high speed production process can benefit from high speed video. Inevitably, the faster a process is run, the more problems are encountered and the more difficult they become to locate. High speed video cameras are used in new machinery for timing and synchronisation set-up, benchmarking of new machinery to compare with tolerance slippage and also line-efficiency evaluations. High speed cameras are invaluable for identifying faults in the filling, capping, seaming, labelling, cutting, wrapping and gluing processes for the food and beverage production industries.
HSV is also used by the producers of packaging materials as the drive to reduce waste is impacting on the type and quantity of materials used. New materials are stress and impact tested to prove their integrity and identify their failure points.

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