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The VersaMOUSE™ is a scanner designed for linear encoded scans with a phased array probe. The integrated indexing button makes it ideal for 2-D mapping applications such as CFRP flat panel and corrosion inspections. The VersaMOUSE can perform an encoded one-line scan, followed by indexing of the position in the perpendicular direction. Another one-line scan can then be performed and juxtaposed to the previous scan. This process is repeated to produce a complete 2D map of the area of interest.

The exclusive adjustable yoke of the VersaMOUSE is easy to set up on an IHC-type wedge using standard attachment holes. The spring-loaded system is optimized to offer the lowest clearance possible. The yoke is also attached to the scanner using a quick-connect system, which keeps the probe either parallel or at a 90° skew to the scan axis.

The encoder wheels are specially designed to resist slippage on wet surfaces. The rugged construction makes this scanner an affordable, yet reliable solution for all phased array inspections performed with a single probe. For even better stability on ferromagnetic surfaces, an optional magnetic wheel package is available.


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