Inspection & Measurement Systems


Laser interferometer KIF series is the compact and high usability system for precise surface measurement of optical elements such as digital camera lens, optical communication and other digital machine elements.


Small LD Interferometer KIF-10A-UW is a low-cost, compact LD interferometer. This type has achieved compactness in a palm size and ease of operation. Just only putting a lens on the stage enables an easy and quick inspection.


Small LD Interferometer KIF-10A-DW is a low-cost, compact LD interferometer. This type is best suited for quick quality inspection on the multi-product small-lot production site of small lenses. It allows quality inspection with ease of operation.


This is an interferometer system of the Newton evaluation type. This system is ideal for quick quality inspection and numerical control of mass-produced lenses.


Laser interferometer KIF-20-DW is an interferometer system most suitable for quick quality inspection and numeric control of profile irregularities on flat and spherical surfaces at the production site.


KIF-FU60/KIF-FU100 and the software KIF-FSA are interference fringe analysis system for acquiring the wavefront phase of a test piece by a fringe scanning method and displaying and saving the measurement result. KIF-FU60 is mounted on the KIF-20 series interferometer and KIF-FU100 is mounted on the 4-inch interferometer.

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