BondMaster 600 Operating Software

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BondMaster 600 Operating Software

The “BondMaster 600 Software Update” is a zip file which includes two files required to update the instrument to the latest version, the latest version of BondMaster PC and an upgrade guide. NOTE: BondMaster PC must be installed on your PC to upgrade the BondMaster 600 operating Software.

  1. Create a temporary download folder on your PC desktop or other location that will be easily remembered.
  2. Click on the link to start downloading the zip file. 
  3. Enter your login to continue. 
  4. Save the zip file to the location created in “Step 1” above on your computer.  
  5. Navigate to the folder created in “Step 1” above and extract the contents of the zip file. 
  6. Follow the steps outlined in the included document “B600 Upgrade Guide.pdf”.

Upgrade Inclusion
BondMaster 600 and 600M
Sub Product Version Languages Relase Notes
FPGA 0017

Application 1.14

BondMaster PC 1.0.33 EN

Upgrade Guide 0 EN