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Inspection of Composite Flat Panels Using OmniScan™ PA

CFRP Flat Panel Inspection

Conventional UT and Phased Array Inspection Solution

Parts made of laminate composite materials pose an inspection challenge because of their many shapes and thicknesses. However, many parts consist of a somewhat flat section such as skins, stringers, and spars. Olympus offers a complete solution for the inspection of carbon fiber reinforced polymers flat panels. This solutions is based on the OmniScan® flaw detector, the GLIDER scanner and probes dedicated to CFRP flat panel inspection.

The CFRP Flat Panel Inspection Solution from Olympus provides a portable solution with advanced tools such as two axes encoded C-scans with amplitude and time-of-flight (TOF) information, gate synchronization, and data recording. The GLIDER scanner is easy to use and well-suited for raster scanning with both conventional UT and phased array probes. The Olympus CFRP solution offers important benefits:








  • High inspection speed powerful and versatile software tools
  • Ease of deployment
  • Greater POD
  • Portability




Note that the Olympus CFRP Flat Panel Inspection Solution can also be used for other FRP flat panels.


  • OmniScan instrumentation
  • OmniScan software
    • Familiar menu-driven interface
    • Multiple C-scans option
    • A-Scan and C-scan data storage
    • TCG
    • Quick swapping between PA and UT for prove up and defect sizing
    • Customizable color palette for amplitude and thickness C-scan
  • GLIDER scanner
    • Well suited for PA, UT, ECA, and EC probes
    • High inspection speed
    • Two encoded axes
  • UT and PA probes and wedges
    • Near-wall probes: shortened dead zone at both ends
    • Delay line: provides excellent near-surface resolution
    • Water Pocket Rexolite wedge: for limited irrigation needs and better coupling on some surfaces

OmniScan instrument

OmniScan PA

The OmniScan MX offers a high acquisition rate and powerful software features in a portable, modular mainframe to efficiently perform manual and automated inspections. The Olympus CFRP flat panel inspection solution is based on the OmniScan PA with the 16:128 phased array module.

  • Portable, light-weight, and battery operated
  • Very simple to set up and use
  • Multiple C-scans option
  • A-scan and C-scan data storage
  • Up to 6000 A-scans recorded per second
  • Compatible with all linear array probes available on the market with optional adaptors
  • Olympus linear array probes can be made up to 128 mm (5.039 in.) wide
  • Typical PA inspection rate: 60 m²/hr with 1 mm (0.039 in.) resolution making PA inspection up to 30 times faster than conventional UT
  • Quick swapping between PA and UT for prove up and defect sizing
  • Olympus Remote Control software compatible


Composite Software

  • Monitors amplitude, peak position, crossing-level position, and thickness on each gate
  • Interface gate for surface-following synchronization on the front wall echo
  • Automatic gate synchronizes on previous gate
  • A-scan data storage and C-scan post-processing capabilities
  • Customizable color palette for amplitude and thickness C-scan
  • 2-axis mechanical encoder with data acquisition synchronization on mechanical movement
  • Optional data library to access A-scan and/or C-scan on PC for custom processing

GLIDER X-Y manual scanner


The GLIDER X-Y scanner is a 2-axis encoding scanner for the manual inspection of slightly curved or flat composite surfaces.

  • Compatible with UT, PA, ECA, and EC probes
  • Compatible with all Olympus instrument with optional adaptors
  • Completely portable
  • Can operate in various orientations (horizontal, vertical)
  • 2 suction cups mounted on ball joints for curved surfaces
  • 2 waterproof encoders
  • 3 modes on both axes
    • Free movement
    • 3,27 mm step increment
    • Locked

PC-based analysis software: TomoView

Composite Software

OmniScan is compatible with Olympus TomoView PC-based software family. For example, TomoView Lite Aero is dedicated to aerospace data analysis and offers:

  • Generation of binary C-scan
  • Multiple file C-Scan merge
  • Defect sizing with signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) - amplitude and TOF C-scans

The free TomoVIEWER application can also be used to view data acquired by the OmniScan.


Products used for this application

OmniScan MX PA

The OmniScan PA performs manual and automated phased array inspections. It offers full-featured A-scan, B-scan, S-scan and C-scan displays, and advanced real-time data processing. Configurable in 16:128 elements, also 16:16M, 16:64M, 32:32, and 32:128

OmniScan MX2

The OmniScan MX2 now features a new phased array module (PA2) with a UT channel, and a new two-channel conventional ultrasound module (UT2) that can be used for TOFD (Time-of-Flight Diffraction), as well as new software programs that expand the capabilities of the successful OmniScan MX2 platform.

TomoView Software

TomoView is a powerful and flexible PC-based software used for design, data acquisition, visualization, and analysis of ultrasonic signals.

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