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Custom and Maritime security


Over the course of time, national borders in the world have opened People have been allowed to more freely come and go. As a result, the functions of customs departments have been substantially simplified, and world trade has been dramatically accelerated. While people benefit from facilitated export, import, expanded trade values, and volumes of goods due to open borders, embargoed goods could easily be imported because of these open borders. To block what may bring negative impact on the country at its entrance, the customs department have tried various measures.


The embarkation and disembarkation procedures for people and things are being simplified in most countries through the liberalization of diplomatic relations.  However, terrorism incidents occurring in many countries remain a constant threat. Even regions or countries that have been regarded as relatively safe may become targets of terrorism. 

In the midst of the above circumstances, European regions that are closely connected with neighboring countries by land have been united into the EU. They have also simplified their customs clearance and set up the Euro as a common currency. However, regions other than Europe have not been liberalized to that extent, and customs at facilities serving as contact with foreign countries, such as airports and seaports, still need to keep a sharp eye out. 

Meanwhile, those who intend to hide things try to slip through the legal net by making efforts to keep themselves undetected using various methods. Therefore, the customs department needs to study various measures to detect them without fail. Narcotic drug search is conducted with the help of trained dogs. X-ray inspection is used for evidence gathering to identify and detect an article concealed in a suitcase or container. 


One of the pieces of equipment used to search for concealed articles is an industrial endoscope. It is used to find out what is hidden in a gap between containers or a place out of eyeshot. In some cases, the industrial endoscope contributes to preventing crimes by detecting illegal immigrants inside a secret room.

Olympus’s endoscope is capable of searching and checking deeper and larger areas by moving the end of the insertion tube by remote articulation control, and thus performing search in deeper and larger areas. The endoscope can find an article even if it is hidden in the gasoline tank of an imported car, inside its chassis, in a suitcase, or in a souvenir. In marine nations, the coast guard can conduct searches on ships out at sea before it enters the port. In such cases, the coast guard loads necessary equipment on a boat or helicopter before heading to a ship. Therefore, the endoscope is required to be waterproof and compact.

Olympus’s industrial endoscopes are small and lightweight. They include models compliant with Military Standards used by all departments of the United States Department of Defense. Therefore, Olympus’s industrial endoscopes are adopted as security equipment in many countries in the world, helping to the maintain global security.


Key Benefit of Olympus

Olympus offers a variety of products capable of obtaining bright and clear images by using a high-performance small-lens technology based on technologies from medical endoscopes and microscopes. Olympus’s industrial endoscopes also use a unique image processing technology based on the company’s digital camera technology. A demo unit can be made available to observe the endoscope’s performance.


Products used for this application


The IPLEX RX/ IPLEX RT are lightweight industrial videoscopes that feature the unique PulsarPic image processor to produce exceptionally high-resolution and bright images. They have a large 6.5-inch screen with an anti-reflective daylight-view monitor.

IPLEX UltraLite

The palm-sized IPLEX Ultralite industrial videoscope, weighing just 700 g, delivers high quality images. Its compact, durable body enables inspections in tough and confined areas. A rugged insertion tube offers quick and accurate articulation.

Series C

Olympus’ entry-level videoscope provides exceptional articulation, durability and great optics to get you the image you need. The instrument is built for use anywhere you need it and packed with features usually reserved for more expensive units.
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